The Secret of the CAN

 No Longer Be Distracted By the Garbage & the Drama of Life


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  • A Victim
  • Victimizer
  • Coach Potato


A Keeper

of the





Does The Secret of the Can address respect, tolerance, bullying & acceptance issues?

Yes, This is one of the key elements of the book. The Secret of the Can talks about the four types of people: victims, victimizers, couch potatoes and Keepers of the Keys of Success. When you understand and practice The Secret of the Can you are no longer distracted by the garbage or drama of life. Your focus will be on your dreams and direction in life.

Why is the Secret of the Can spiral bound?

It is patterned from the student agendas most schools use. Flips completely open, is more compact and you never lose your place. It￿s much easier to write notes along side the written text. Writing notes, thoughts, ideas, action steps and questions in the margin is one habit highly effective people use when reading any book.

 How can schools use the book  The Secret of the Can?

  • Integrate with Character Education Programs 

  • Add more value by adding a student keynote assembly or leadership training with the author.

  • Utilize the book in English or Living Skills classes and change the thinking skills of an entire grade level.

  • Use to accelerate student growth and awareness in student assistance groups or individual counseling.

  • Use as an alternative to discipline, as a suspension or an extra credit assignment.

  • Use to begin implementation of the Youth4Youth Program.  

Why is The Secret of the Can the first book in the Seeds For Success Series?

Most people are unaware that the lasting foundation for success is in our mindset. When you practice The Secret of the Can you will begin to break through limiting beliefs, negative self-talk and self-doubt by creating new ￿thought habits.￿ This will build a solid foundation for success. You will begin taking more responsibility by no longer making excuses. You will treat yourself and others with more respect. You will be positive, self-confident and happier.


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The Seeds for Success Series

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