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 No Longer Be Distracted By the Garbage & the Drama of Life


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￿Many times what makes a person a victim is their own thinking and they miss many opportunities in life simply because they are convinced they can￿t. This was a learned behavior early in life that they are unaware of.￿ Mr. Walker paused and added, ￿The good news is...all this can be reversed!" (From The Secret of the Can.)

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￿With both indecision and procrastination, putting things off builds stress and intensity. This adds more drama, which increases adrenaline and excitement in our life. When things are boring we easily recreate the drama and feel energized. This becomes a habit and a never-ending circle of intensity and insanity.￿ Mr. Walker in  The Secret of the Can



￿Think of your mind as a computer and your programming as the software. Some of the software was already installed at birth and other programs were added as a child. If we want to change our outcomes in life we have to remove our old programming and add new.￿ - Mr. Walker in The Secret of the Can



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"Every now and then a valuable and much needed book comes along. Larry Tracey has written that book for teens, pre-teens and those who work with youth called The Secret of the Can. Reading his book will develop self confidence, self esteem and success in school, while building a solid foundation for life. Larry has a genuine way of transforming an entire school building through the Youth4Youth program and has added another powerful tool with The Secret of the Can."

-- Jack Canfield

Co-author of Chicken Soup for the Soul in the
Classroom and The Success Principles ￿


"Inspiring. It made me realize I can do so much more with my life."    Nathaneal H. 7th

"It was an uplifting experience that made me believe in myself."       
Jessica Z. - 11th

"Today was a wakeup call proving to me I need to think positive to get somewhere in life."                                       Sarah S. 11th Grade

"If something is weighting you down it may very well be garbage."     Emy S. 8th Grade


"With all the negative influences impacting our youth, Larry Tracey's approach through the "garbage can" concept offers a new and fresh approach to encouraging & edifying children, adolescents, and even adults.  The road to success is not hard to come by when applying these practical life principles on a daily basis. Readers will find this book to be both revealing and rewarding in many ways!"

            - Craig D. Koehler, Ph.D., Principal - Avon Middle School


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